Sunday, January 3, 2010

Hello and Welcome!

Let me start off by explaining that in the past I have had a true dislike...nope...a true disdain for New Years! It seems like such a sham! The horns and loud people and those weird sunglasses that show the incoming year, the having to stay up 'till midnight...ugh! Yes, I get it, New Years is a time of new beginnings but, to a pessimist like myself, it's also a time of endings, when I am reminded of all the things that didn't get done and that need to be rolled-over to my never ending to-do list...again...ugh! BUT all that changed this year! Last March I became a mom for the first time to my sweet baby girl, Bella (NO I'm not a super Twilight fan, I always liked that name!). So, in an effort to not pass-on my pessimism and negative vibes, and also in an effort to get over those myself, I have decided to embrace this New Year with a good attitude, or at least a better one! SO, in the spirit of New Years resolutions, I have decided to start this blog and use it as a way to share my own humble opinions on what I find, what I like and dislike and also my own new attempts, as sorry as some may be at first, at doing all of those things I've always said I'd like to do, but never had the motivation to actually try before, like writing a blog! Although, throwing a wrench in my plans is that I now have the motivation, but I don't always have the time or energy as my sweet Bella, as sweet as she may be, is NOT a sleeper or a keep-herself-busy kind of kiddo. But then again, neither am I...let the passing on begin!

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