Monday, January 4, 2010

My steal for the day!

I'm so excited! So, months and months ago I began following the Baby Steals blog where every day they sell only one nifty baby item (until they sell out of it) at a ridiculously discounted price. Usually they have cute things, but I think in the past year I had only bought one thing. As any newer parent knows, if you actually buy every cute thing out there for your kiddo...not only would you go way broke, you'd also end up with no floor or drawer space left in your home! BUT when I saw today's item, I HAD to jump on it! And it's a good thing I did because by 11:00am it was all sold out! It's the Tie Chair! I had seen something like this before, and thought "Wow, wish I had thought of that!" It's basically a chair cover that you attach to any regular old chair and it becomes a handy little baby seat. Tie your kiddo into it and you pretty much have a go-anywhere high chair! How exciting! No more having to sit Bella in those nasty restaurant high chairs! Which is actually pretty funny because just yesterday we went out for lunch and I had to put her in one of those chairs. Of course I forgot my high chair cover at home and so there we were trying to use one of her blankets to wrap the chair and cover all the nastiness left behind by the last kiddo to sit in it. Of course I carry my handy-dandy disinfecting wipes everywhere I go...oops, I left them in the other diaper bag! AND to make matters even trickier, Bella learned yesterday that she can shimmy her way out of the nasty chair's nasty seat belt and actually tried to climb out! Gotta love the curious mind of a 9 month old! So, I have high hopes for the Tie Chair. I got it in a black and white polka-dot fabric, way too cute! I just hope it works!

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