Sunday, January 31, 2010

Why I SO love Target!

Ah, Target! How I love Target! We don't have all that much around here in the ways of good shopping, but we do have Target and not only that, we have TWO Targets! I have,
on more than one occasion, hit up both in the same day, just to see what all they have in their Clearnance sections. It's a sport really! And I must say, the whole "Tar-jey" thing is dumb, I hate that! IT'S TARGET! Anywho, I was just reminded again, why I love that place. We are getting ready to do a small reno in our kitchen and I've been looking everywhere for fabric to make a window shade with. Our kitchen right now is this not-so-cute shade of green (it looked a whole lot cuter on the paint chip) and we are planning on painting it a great light gray color. So, as I was walking through the aisles, I found this frickin' AMAZING Thomas O'Brien shower curtain made from this great light gray fabric with a white modern blossom pattern. It's perfect! AND the best thing? It was on clearance for 50% off...from $30 t0 $15. Since it was the only one there, I called the other Target in town to see if they had any left, which they didn't, but I was able to get a couple online, so I'm super excited about that! BUT, as excited as I was about that, there was something else that had me doing a happy dance. So, I was already pretty stoked about my curtain fabric and was walking around just keeping an eye out for anything else that caught my eye and I found this great rug! It was the perfect color for my house and was 100% cotton, which meant that, yup, I could throw it in the washer whenever it got a little funky! Yay! BUT, then I saw that beautiful little red tag which meant, YAY-Clearence! From $50 to $3
4.95. Eh, not bad. But I figured, for a 4 ft by 6ft rug that looks great and is washable, it's so worth it! Then, I found the matching smaller throw rug on clearance for $6.95 (woo hoo, that's more like it!) so I was way stoked! So, we go to pay and that's when it happened! That glorious moment only a few of us have had the chance to experience- when they rang up the rug, the rug I was totally prepared to pay $35 for, it rang up at $12.95! 13 frickin bucks for a great rug!!! Ohmagod!!! I was doing my happy dance right then and there! And then I remembered that there had been two of those rugs and had the Hubs run over and get the other one (perfect for when one either is in the wash or wears away). So, for about $10 less than I was totally prepared to pay for one rug, I got two! Ah, gotta love Target! Now, I still totally intend on finishing my DIY rug, BUT now I won't be completely devestated it doesn't turn out as well as it looks in my head!

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